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2012 Boxster All-Seasons At Last

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You may have seen my recent posts regarding my attempts to find all-season tires for my 2012 base Boxster. It came with GoodYear F1 205/55 ZR17 all-season front tires and GoodYear F1 235/50 ZR17 all-season rear tires. Those tires worked so well in the four Ohio seasons where I live that, when those tires were worn out, I replaced them with the same tires and the replacements also worked well. It’s now time for a third set of tires and GoodYear no longer makes the tires I’ve had in the past in an all-season tire. Tire Rack doesn’t show ANY all-season tires that will fit my Boxster, just summer tires and winter tires. My dilemma is: I drive to Florida in winter conditions, spend several months in Florida weather, and I then encounter cold weather and perhaps some snow when I return home in the Spring. Since Tire Rack couldn’t come up with any all-season tires, I looked at other possible sources to no avail. This past Monday I spoke with my dealer and he said he has done some research for me and that Continental has an all-season tire called Extreme Contract DWS 06 in 215/50 R17 and 245/45 R17 and he thought these would work well with my wheels. I immediately bought them and the ride is great. We’ve had temps in the teens and the tires seem fine. I thought I’d pass this info along for those of you who have wheels like mine and want an all-season tire.
That's what I roll with for my cold weather tires. Good blend of performance and price.

Gary 2003 Boxster Base - Midnight Blue Metallic, Savanna Beige, Metropol Blue
I feel they are really good all around.
I have recommended them to others.

Glad you are enjoying the ride.
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