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My brother got to see the good and bad of Porsche ownership last weekend

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My brother flew into town so we could visit our dad, who is in a memory care facility. After the visit my brother and I went to a concert. It was a nice day, so I drove the Porsche. Hung in the parking lot, top down, music playing, and cooler full of beer in the frunck.

The good, several people came up to chat about the car, music, etc., but it was the car that drew them over in the first place. Even when my brother went to the porta potty, people would say to him: "Hey, your with the Porsche, nice car. Hope to be able to afford one some day."

The bad, trying to exit after the show, some idiot in an SUV blocked us, wouldn't move while letting more than a dozen other cars out (didn't obey the every-other-car rule). I'd try to squeeze out, he'd inch forward to block, and let other cars go. Finally, he inched far enough up, that I was able to pivot and slip behind him to the outer lane. The guy behind the idiot was nice enough to leave a gap. But, even at 5 mph, nimble cars.
Not worth getting upset over. Always someone like that everywhere. Just keep enjoying your time with your family and Pcar, and remember how fortunate we are. winking smiley
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