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I backed my 987.1 Cayman S out of my garage today to sweep while the CD player was playing and removed the key from the ignition switch. I then noticed that the CD continued to be played. I've never observed this behavior before. Is this normal, and I just never noticed it? Or is something amiss with my player or ignition switch? The CD was in the cabin CD slot, not in the frunk.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't know the the CD, but my aftermarket radio continues to play without the key after I have removed it for about 15 seconds then it stops.
987s have a delayed power off after the key is removed.
That's normal.
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Thanks Pedro. I think it must have been some kind of anomaly. Last night the CD continued to play without the key in the ignition for about 10 minutes--until I turned off the OEM radio/CD player. This morning, it'd play for only about 5 seconds after I removed the key.
make a mental note of whether or not you hear the clunk sound when you pull the key out.
Before spraying the cleaner, when I removed my key, the radio stayed on. The warning chime also played. I could only lock the car using the exterior key slot. When I did that, the alarm system did a beep. My ignition switch did not make a mechanical clunk sound.

Now the mechanical clunk sound comes back regularly, sometimes faint. It is getting better every day. I can now lock or open the trunks using the key remote (Just replaced the batteries too).
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