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Glad you gave the 986 some love.

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Happy New year to you all. Hope you and your loved ones had a great slide into the new year as the Germans would say.

Just got my 986 back from the shop. Irrational Exuberance is now almost old enough to vote... last year she got some past cosmetic damage repaired (a repair to a badly done repair at the Porsche dealer 17 years ago), this Christmas break I finally decided to upgrade the stereo: Thank goodness for cars that still have double-DIN stereo slots! The AVIC 8500 replaced the OEM Becker (with cassette slot) unit, a new amp replaced the apparently-broken one in the frunk. New speakers rounded out the install, resulting in a bill that likely exceeds the value of the car. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Which leaves me with some leftover bits: If anyone needs the original Porsche DSP panel, amp, head unit, or the frunk 6-disk CD changer, please let me know. I'll be happy to ship them to you. The head unit has the usual Becker issues (i.e. the knobs are sticky, the station selector jumps when turning), the amp may be broken (no idea!), but the CD player and the DSP worked before we yanked them.

Happiness was driving home with the top down and the heat up. Part of the stereo upgrade included moving the HVAC controls down to the bottom of the stack and replacing the leaky HVAC LCD with the Audi model. After a detail, she's probably cleaner than she was when I got her. For those in the Boston are seeking something similar, I had the stereo work done at JK Automotive in Stoneham, the body work at Mikes in Malden, and the detail at Unique Car Care in Andover. UCC also did an amazing job cleaning, polishing, and applying a new film to the HIDs, which had fallen on yellowish / dim times.

Best to you all, happy 2020

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I made some modifications last year. i installed an '03-04 glass window top and a three spoke steering wheel.

I performed a lot of deferred maintenance and generally began to drive the car almost daily. I now have a few know quibbles to fix. (The clunky ignition lock, and the black snow from the heater.) I also have to track down an oil leak that I have been ignoring for a while - I will have a bit of clean up as a result.
I just got mine back from it's 10-year service. Wow, it felt old when I got back in it after spending five days in a loaner Macan. Plus, my wife just got a 2020 Prius at the end of the year. What a difference a decade makes in cars. But, then glad I quickly got that old feeling back. Was in the shop 3 business days, plus a weekend. In addition to 10-year service, ended up having a screw in front tire, so got two new dealer install tires (bend over) after having a screw in one of the rears a couple of months ago, so nice to have fresh rubber all around, the serpentine belt/tensioner had to be replaced, they found that mice took up residency in the engine compartment (luckily, no damage was found think it was the 10 days gone in Decemeber), and to prepare for the mid-Atlantic winter, decided to have the dealer detail inside and out. Not only did they clear out the mouse nest, they seemed to really clean the engine compartment. Looks almost like it did 10 years ago when I first picked it up.
JMstamford,ct - 1 month ago
So what dealer did you use?

My car is due for a 20 year service next month. I will probably do that myself, but I might consider a dealer inspection for good measure.

If'n you think 10 years is long .....
Re: Db987
db997S - 1 month ago
I'm in the DC metro area, so used Porsche of Arlington, which is close to my house and provides a shuttle to the metro stop or loaner vehicles. All the independents are farther away, so I pay extra for that convenience. Been using Porsche of Arlington since 1998. Trying to recall my first Boxster. Don't think it even had limited slip. So, yeah, 20 years is huge in terms of technology and nanny systems. I remember taking it to a beginners Drivers Ed track event put on by local PCA club and sliding it through some corners. Instructors where not all too pleased, but my smile was worth it. You could feel it go and then the tires getting instant grip again to shoot you down the straight. Remember even passing a guy with a Turbo. Fun cars.
So, where are the pics of your refreshed beauty??? I'm in Boston, and second Mike's Auto Body as the best place around to bring your P-car (or other high-end car) for body work. Mike has replayed both my front and rear bumper covers with fantastic results. Mike takes the time to talk you personally about your car and your objectives. Next up, maybe a wheel re-spray? I've not used UCC (I like to do my own detailing), but have attended clinics there and can attest that they are top notch and are working, at any given time, on several super and hyper cars. I also have not used JK, but they are in my town and I've peaked in the window to see some of the amazing restoration work they've done.

Gary 2003 Boxster Base - Midnight Blue Metallic, Savanna Beige, Metropol Blue
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