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One option I would leave out if redoing the configuration

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I love our Boxster, but I always like to have in my head where the next step would be if I wanted a newer Porsche. I know that in the next few years I would be looking at a top replacement (big bucks). I have not seen a whisper of a problem with the turbo 4 cylinder cars. I like having the car serviced at our local Porsche dealer which has been outstanding in every respect, and I'm sure there could be less costly ways to go, but I am considering looking at a newer Boxster before this one starts to cost. Just a topic for discussion.


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I actually went through this process back in 2013.

I loved my 2006 Boxster with only about 60K miles and really didn't have any plans to sell it. BUT, at that time, with all the rumours of the coming flat four turbos and also the possibility that Porsche could be discontinuing manual transmissions, even in their sports cars. Those two factors had me thinking long and hard. What if I did want to trade to a newer Boxster in the future? They could all be missing two of the things that I absolutely loved about my 987. I spent about 9 months wearing out the Porsche configurator. Thinking that in the next few years, I'd want to order a new 981S as a keeper. I tested out the various options when visiting dealers, wanting to get it as close to perfect (for me) as possible. On one of those visits, a relatively new dealership came up with a deal that I decided to accept. Ordered it and 2 months later, I had my new 981S.

For my tastes, there isn't another Porsche - or any other car, that I'd trade my 981S for. Obviously, the 75 HP bump in power from my 987 is quite noticeable. The advancement in chassis development from the 987 to the 981 is quite a step forward. Despite, the fact that I have the Sports Suspension and lower profile tires, the 981S is as comfortable on rough surfaces as my 987 with stock suspension was. The big difference you notice is when you get into the twisties, where my 981 just handles a lot better. I also love the sound of the engine (I opted for PSE to maximize that) and the shifter is more precise and smother that the one in my old 987. It was even better after I changed the shifter for the one from the GT4.

I admit that I haven't driven a 718. I just have no interest in one. The sound reminds me of my old VW Karmann Ghia. It was fine for a car costing $2,995 brand new. I just expect a sports car costing $80K - $100K to sound better.

Then there's the turbo. I've driven both a 991.2, with manual and a 992 with PDK. The turbo lag is there. It's not big/long, but I just don't have it in my 981. I step on the gas and it goes NOW. Not sort of OK, now. I'll just keep my 981S thank you very much. In addition, the turbos tend to muffle the sound somewhat. But it's possible that was because both of the 911's I drove were coupes.

Granted. Soon, you'll be able to get a Cayman GT4 or Boxster Spyder with the 4L NA engine. I'm sure they'll both be fantastic cars. My only problem with the Cayman is the difficulty of lowering the roof. winking smiley The Spyder is also a bit more work than with the Boxster. Just personal choice. With living here in Canada, I always drive with the roof down unless it's pouring rain. A few times I've stayed out of the dog house by being able to quickly raise the top while at a traffic light or stop to raise the roof with showers approaching.

Then there are the rumours of another new Boxster GTS with a NA Flat Six (the 992's 3L bored out to 4L minus the trubos) being in the works. The European version is supposed to have a particle filter, but it's possible the North American version won't have this filter. Time will tell.

So, for me, after 57K miles I'm still 99.999% happy with my 981S. (Yes. knocked off that 0.001% because of the "aluminum" coloured tachometer in the S, which is hard to read In some lighting conditions.)

Happy contemplating.
exact same story, substituting 986 base to 981 GTS. had a ‘68 ghia smiling smiley. eyeing a GTS 4.0 simply because i bought my 981 used and not quite my perfect config. LOVE the 981. totally different than my 986. keeping the 986 forever. watching for the end of manual transmissions, NA engines, and want one more perfect car to keep until i die. fyi, drove a base 718 and it’s NICE...but i prefer NA to turbo.
Boxster GTS 4.0. Yeah baby!
When configuring my 13 S, I prioritized performance, safety, and comfort, and the only added-cost aesthetic considerations were metallic paint and colored wheel caps.* It's fitted with heated and ventilated seats and steering wheel. Also Bi-Xenon / PDLS headlights, Torque Vectoring, and PASM. It doesn't have PCM, and I'm still on the fence as to whether it would've been a good choice for me. The no-cost smoking package is useful just to get the extra power outlet.

It's the PASM that I would leave out this time around. My main reason for choosing it was my concern for the ride quality not being as good as my 01 because of the 2 inch larger diameter wheels (ergo, shorter tire sidewalls.) In retrospect, I've realized Porsche can be trusted to engineer an excellent ride quality in any case. Yes, the PASM Sport setting does have a perceivable positive handling character, (and the Normal setting at its softest is very comfortable,) but standard suspension equipped cars are just fine. I imagine the aerodynamics might be slightly improved because(?) the car has less ground clearance. But that 10mm difference makes the car more susceptible to underside scrapes, particularly on the small plastic nose air dam: passing through driveway curb cuts is problematic. My friend's GT3 Touring has the front axle lift option,** which I might've gotten if it was available. But then, that would've been another 2500 or so on top of the 1800 for the PASM. Yikes!

* The colored wheel caps are a subtle splash of color to the exterior's Agate Grey, blue top, and assorted black pieces. (Interior is also blue.)
** It took some convincing on my part and his dealer. My reason was my experience with PASM, and the dealer said it helps the resale value, which I believe is an honest assessment. Also, after having co-driven it from NYC to Porsche HQ in Atlanta and back, I can say the ride quality is amazingly good, even with the car's very firm suspension.

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Just a couple of things related to what you said, Laz.

I went one step further and got the Sports Suspension, lowering the car by 20 mm. I do really have to be careful when entering driveways and with things like speed bumps. To me it's worth it for the handling. Again, it depends on personal preferences.

I also didn't get PCM. Mainly because of the high cost of getting it updated. After a few years, lots of things can change - like throughway or Interstate interchanges, places of business, specially gas stations change, making it almost useless for information on a trip. I've been using my Garmin for about 6 years and have lifetime free updates, making it much more useful on long trips.
Also a reason to stay away from ceramic brakes. That hits five-figures for a replacement job. Cleaning brake dust is a PIA, but only costs pennies and some muskelkraft.

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I think what I will do is start looking at available 981's just to get a feel for the market. The decision has a serious external factor. My wife loves the current Boxster and drives it as much as I do. She has absolutely no interest in technical details. She is a clinical psychologist in private practice with no engineering expertise but loves the way the car drives. A PDK transmission would be a VERY hard sell.
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