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The push to 150k...
SMILIN - 8 months ago
I'm "working" to get to 150,000 miles before my baby's 22nd birthday on Jan 22. We decided to go to breakfast up the hill. It got a little cooler than we expected. We took it slow along the back roads and made our destination plenty shy of the snow chain controls. She purred along like she was new. We ended the morning at 149,921 mi.

One of these looks different...

Yes, this really happened!

I didn't know you still had the '98 ... you also recently got a new-ish blue-ish modern Boxster, too, right?

Just checked -- I had not realized that my 986 has gone past the 150K mark. Probably 2 years ago, given how racing miles only accumulate slowly. 22 years in May!

The '98 is special...keeping her forever. The 981 is a different kind of fun. It's nice to have choices. smiling smiley I'm happy that your car is still treating you well. I will...I will make it to the track this year to say hello.
150,000 smiles!
SMILIN - 8 months ago

150,000 smiles indeed!

Congratulations. Your Boxster still looks modern and in great shape and just itching to get started on the next 150,000 smiles. smileys with beer
Re: 150,000 smiles!
SMILIN - 8 months ago
Thanks Guenter. She really is in nice shape, including the interior and mechanical.

When I'm feeling motivated, I'm going to put her up on jack stands and do a little mileage/age-based maintenance. Then I'm going to put her up for sale. My wife "recommends" that if I NEED to get the GTS 4.0, one of the other Boxsters needs to go. So I told her I'd put it up for sale. USD 1,000,000.00. smileys with beer
154k smiles and counting here. My faithful steed is only 16 years old.

Paralizer 06 Boxster S Atlas Grey/Black/Black
The miles on my 986 will accumulate slowly from this point forward, as my wife has officially announced that every other car we own is more comfortable than the 986. yawning smiley I believe my mistake was having US M030 springs installed with my strut refresh. They are firm (she dislikes) and the stock ride height is...well...less good looking than my prior/tired H&R. smiling smiley
JMstamford,ct - 7 months ago
my wife complains that the open top ruins her hair and that getting in an out is more difficult and that there are no electronics and that it is too bumpy.

She will still ride with me, but she REALLY prefers the Volvo.
sorry, i’m taken smiling smiley
Guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

My wife loves the way my 981 s with the Sports Suspension handles and rides, loves the sound of the PSE and loves the difference the short shift kit made when driving the car. Of course, she also enjoys driving the car.

Win, win.
Re: wives.....
frogster - 7 months ago
me too! my wife absolutely loved riding in the boxster. she always wanted the top down. i'll never forget the time we were at a track and i spun the car at around 120 kph, pretty scary. after we came to a stop, i asked here if she was okay. she said "that was great!" smiling smiley

MY 2000 S, Ocean Blue, Metropol Blue, Savanah Beige. Bought June 2000 - Sold May 2010
smiling smiley smiling smiley smiling smiley *NM*
SMILIN - 7 months ago
me too! my wife absolutely loved riding in the boxster. she always wanted the top down......

Actually reminds me of the day we picked up our first Boxster. April 1, 2006 (and no - not an April Fools Joke). Temperature was a cloudy 34 degrees with a wind coming straight from the North Pole. When were ready to drive out of the dealership, I asked my wife if she'd mind if we put the top down for at least the first few minutes of the drive. She replied, "Well it IS a convertible.". And we drove most of the 60 miles home, with the top down, until it started to drizzle a bit. Saved by the bun warmers and heater. smiling smiley
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