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Installed Back Up Camera on my Boxster 981 GTS

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I installed a Back Up Camera on my 981 Boxster GTS over the last couple of days. The unit is from Maxspeed Motorsports in Florida. Total time for the installation was around 5 hours with me stopping frequently and testing to make sure that everything worked as I did the install. When I ordered my car in 2015, the only way to get a back up camera was to order the Park Assist option, which was at least $1500. This approach was around $500 plus 5 hours of my labor. I am very happy with the product and the installation and would do it again. Link to Maxspeed Web Site: Maxspeed Motorsports Back Up Camera

Thanks to a PCA member for his post on the region web site back in October and for his write up. This provided the inspiration and invaluable information to augment Maxspeed‘s instructions. Here is his post: AR PCA Back Up Camera Article

A couple of notes of my own regarding the installation: Reinstalling the right rear taillight is tricky. You have to line up two grooves and probe and it did not want to cooperate. Also the business of fishing the camera video and power connectors into the taillight area is tricky with very tight clearances. Otherwise it just took patience and a firm hand with the pry tools to pop off the interior panels - there were 8 of them that had to be removed! One other item of note - the camera is mounted on one of the license plate LED lights. I noticed that the color of the light is different on the one with the camera (right side) vs. the Porsche OEM light (left side). Not a big deal - just an observation.

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