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Re: Ignition Switch? Wipers quit too.

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So...new here but been a lurker. I think I read every post about ignition switches and plenty of other posts. I'm trying to get my '02 Boxster back on the road after having issues and parking it more than a year ago. In the meantime I started it biweekly and drove it up and down the driveway. Until finally the ignition switch that was suspect went out all together. I've tried to replace this switch before and failed at it. When I went to look for the purchased part over the pretty weekend, I couldn't find it (I don't remember throwing it out in the woods....) so I ordered another one and will try this weekend. My questions is, since my windshields wipers quit working (stopped in the middle), before the switch went out, is it possible that it could be related to the switch or am I looking at a different issue? Thank you in advance for your responses. No, I won't take it to a shop and certainly not to a dealer (150 miles away).
The ignition switch can certainly be the culprit. All of the electrical functions of the dash run through the ignition switch in one way or another.
JIC, here are the instructions: [pedrosgarage.com]
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The dealer will not sell the plastic part separately because that is not always the problem. They do not want complaints.

I have replaced the plastic part a couple times. Still with the delayed clunk. I think the whole assembly needs to go.
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