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My Boxster had some water damage and my wife dropped it to be cleaned. They lost the only key. Car sat for 3 years! Now, new key, immobilizer, alarm and ignition.
Replaced everything - had to leave old ignition in bc the steering lock is engaged!!! So new ignition is wired but hanging out of place (I just need to see if I can start the thing, then I can figure out how to remove old ignition.
New battery, most dash lights come on (everything at bottom - and all stay lit.
Key turns but nothing, no sounds, nothing. Door locks do not work - no sound is made.
The place that I purchased new key set swears they all work and are from same donor - another 99 manual 2.5l
So - where should I start?
Thanks so much in advance!!!
Pedro, thanks for the help!
I need to check the CLU. Probably bad set from seller.
B8 (engine electronics control unit)
C1 (engine electronics)
C2 (ignition)
Will check all those tomo and report back.
when i first got my boxster, i was curious about the immobilizer RFID "pill" in the key. i took it out to see how the car would behave when i turned the key.

it was exactly as you describe. lights on but no sound at all. no fuel pump, clicks, beeps, buzzes. absolute silence.

when i put the pill back in, the car worked normally. just thinking that this might be the cause. something got mixed up along the way.

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