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Social distancing is providing time to do some routine maintenance. On the 981, Porsche service schedule calls for changing spark plugs at 4 years or 40K miles. So it is time for new plugs for my 2016 981 Boxster GTS, even though it only has 10K miles.
I got the plugs from Pelican Parts for $55 (this is the Bosch version that had a Porsche part number on the box, as opposed to the official Porsche part with the ā€œVPā€ Porsche Part logo on the plug) and it took me between 2-3 hours to swap the plugs. It is my understanding that dealers charge north of $1000 for this service.
The good news is that you can get to all 6 plugs from the side after removing the rear wheels - no need to remove any of the bottom panels (I did remove the forward wheel well plastic liners for the rear wheels - 2 nuts and 4 screws each). The bad news is that the access is pretty tight and the back of my hands got pretty scraped up. Bottom line is that this is not that difficult if you have an assortment of 3/8ā€ extensions, a universal joint, and a bit of patience.
I lost an engine because I didn't know that they needed frequent attention. Back in '67.

I had had a racing shop change my cams for milder ones and they didn't mention anything about needing to re-torque them after about a k.
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