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Car Storage
Sayle - 1 year ago
I may have to store my 2012 Boxster for several months in Florida. Is it better to use a battery charger or just disconnect the battery? If I disconnect my battery, when I reconnect it will I loose certain functions, and if so, how do I reclaim them? Thanks.
If you decide to disconnect the battery, be certain the front hood/frunk cannot close. Put a large blanket or something in between the top and bottom. That way you assure access to the battery when you want to move the car again.

My car is a 986. I have had my battery out of the car for a week or so. You will lose the radio codes. Make sure you have the card with the factory codes. Also, I believe the OBD stuff is reset to defaults. As a result, I find it difficult to start the car the first time out. The engine also seems to run imperfectly for a bit. By the second day, I have no issues. If you have a newer car, there may be other issues that do not affect my situation.

I cannot speak to the charger method.

In addition to charging, others make a point to put the car on jack stands to prevent wheel flat spotting.
Still others put cloth bags of mothballs in the two trunks, the interior and in the engine bay to discourage critters from taking up residence.
Put Stabil in the gas.

I recall seeing a long term storage punch list some place.
In addition to charging, others make a point to put the car on jack stands to prevent wheel flat spotting

i believe there are different schools of thought on that idea. Some people say that there is a negative impact on suspension components if you let the wheels hang.

personally, i used to let my boxster sit for around 5 months every year. Yes, the tires got minor flat spots but they disappeared very quickly upon driving.

i would use a maintainer rather than removing or disconnecting the battery simply for convenience. But is keeping a maintainer plugged in reliably feasible? It would be a bummer if it got disconnected and went unnoticed. I've done both with various cars and the maintainer would be my personal choice.

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If you disconnect the battery, you'll lose some settings like window top / bottom position. Instructions for reset are in the manual. After first start up, engine will run a bit rough until it "learns" your driving style again. Make sure you don't close the trunk so you can reinstall the battery.

My choice would be a battery maintainer (NOT CHARGER which could fry your battery). That way you keep all your settings and it could also help extend the life of your battery by keeping it charged.
I have my 2000 Boxster S in the driveway of a friend in California. The first time it sat 3 months before being started and it started right up. Now with covid-19 it has been there for 4 months and I'm not sure when I can get out there next. She doesn't drive stick. We will see what happens. I also have a Cadillac parked in Florida and that's been there 2 months now. Neither places can accommodate a ctek unit.
The battery maintainers are inexpensive and work well (for example Black and Decker has one I've used). Plug it in and go away. If your return should be delayed a month or a year it shouldn't matter.
Re: Car Storage
dak911 - 1 year ago
This is very handy
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