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On all of my computers and ipad the photos do not load completely load. 2 laptops and 2 imacs. Anyone else have this problem?
No problem viewing complete photos posted here on Pedro's Board, laptop, tablet and phone.
Look at the threads below that had pics pointing to outside web hosting sites. They don’t load the photos anymore.
that when you reload / refresh the page, a distorted version of the picture shows up. Then, when you click on that picture, the original shows up.

I'll take a look into it.
Windows 10 pretty stock. Doesn't display just reading the message
can you see it? can you see it? our favorite color!

I can see it in the distance. Got any closer shots?
my apologies if I've posted this before...nothing recent in a fun location.

Great pictures. Love the location.

Is it in Yosemite?
yes. the rock with the vertical face is El Capitan and beyond it to the right is Half Dome.
and she’s tough to see in the camo hat smiling smiley, but my wife is in the passenger seat...she’s just as scenic and oh so patient with my boxster obsession!
No wonder you're SMILIN. cool smiley

Some of us really are lucky enough to have both. A Boxster and a great wife who puts up with - or maybe even understands our passion for these cars. Lots to smile about, that's for sure.
He's worked some of his magic and cast out the cyber gremlins.

Pictures should be working fine now.

CURVEN8R after a spa day.

Back to the photos!

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