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Nothing, no dash lights or interior "dome" light. Window didn't go down when I opened the door. Odd thing, spoiler is up and my trip yesterday was local and nowhere near 75 mph. Key is stuck in the ignition. Put in a new battery back in November. I did something I've never done before and left the key in the ignition overnight, but that was for a 20-hour period only. Don't think that would drain the battery. I took it on a 100+ mile trip on Saturday, and got the RMPs up, and it was fine. Started right up yesterday. Did leaving he keys in kill the battery after 20 hours? If I did something dumb like turn the car off but kept the electronics on, those normally shut down after 20 or so minutes, such as listening to music while tailgating. Thoughts? Do I call AAA and see if the battery indeed crapped out, or do I flatbed it to the dealer and see if mice got to the wires? Last service (December), they did find a nest in the engine, but not damage. was done.
... key in the ignition will do it.
Since the battery is relatively new, see if you can give it a slow charge.
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thanks, thought these systems were smart and knew to shut down. One senior moment and poof, dead battery.
there might be the equivalent of a no questions asked exchange policy.

I would bet that with a newish battery, it will charge again. But if the battery is fully discharged, bad things can happen including decreased life of the battery.
So if you can replace it - why not?
Thanks. Haven't checked, but believe it has a warranty of at least a year. Too bad my brain is no longer fully charged.
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