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Hi all

Can someone help with the most likely cause of this code. The code definition is Timing Chain out of Position Bank 1.

Car sounds fine and drives great until it gets warmed up. CEL then flashes and goes constant. The car then idles slightly unevenly and is susceptible to stalling but still performs normally.

My guess is a suspect Camshaft Position Sensor.

Any help really appreciated. Thanks.

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Boxsterra - 1 year ago
What year and model is your car?
How many miles do you have?
Have you done any relevant/related service?
Do you have any other codes (even pending) or have you recently?
Re: Questions
Pattyg - 1 year ago
It’s a 1999 2.5 Boxster
Under 10K miles
Other misfire codes

Spark plugs and coil packs just been done.

Other codes
Boxsterra - 1 year ago
That is very low mileage for a 21-year-old car!

Some codes are invalid when there are certain other codes. Please indicate all of the codes you're getting.
Re: Other codes
Pattyg - 1 year ago
Sorry I don’t know the other specific codes but was told they related to misfiring.

I’m also not sure if any of these original codes are still on there. I anticipate they are given the uneven idle when hot.
That sounds like the car went into storage right after it was purchased.

If that number i correct, there could be any number of issues as seals, o-rings etc dry and crack.

On the other hand, I would think the electrics would be less suspect due to few heat cycles and other lack of use. Depending where it was stored, there could be corrosion, so no matter what - before you swap parts, clean all the contacts.
The mileage is genuine and the car was dry stored.

The CEL has now gone off. It seems to go off after a run. Either that or it likes the 99 octane fuel I’ve put in it compared to previous 95.

I’ll keep an eye on it but don’t think it’s anything major as the car seems to run lovely.
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