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So I did a search but did not find anything on this, but my key is sliding out of the key fob when I try to take it out of the ignition. Well actually the key fob stays in my hand as the key stays in the ignition. I have found videos on reprogramming the key and sliding the key into the fob, but how can I keep it in the fob. I don't want to glue it since it is supposed to come out, but it shouldn't come out this easy either. Maybe gum? grinning smiley
you don't mention what year your boxster is and i don't know if or when the key design changed. on my boxster, MY2000, the metal key was held in the plastic case by a sort of plastic pin. i did a quick search and found a picture of an aftermarket fob. it isn't identical to the original one but close enough. on the half that is on the right side of the pic, you can see a spring loaded peg or pin. i seem to recall (it's been 10+ years) that holds the metal key in the plastic fob. this is probably missing or broken in your case. i'd split open your fob and have a peek.

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I have a '01 so I guess I will take it apart and look. It must have happened when the key fob popped open, damn it.

... 4 pieces required:
1.- the fob
2.- the key blade
3.- the wedge
4.- the spring
If you lose the spring, there's no tension on the wedge and the blade slides out.
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