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Hello, I did a search but I didn't see anything, but do people on here have any kind of roadside assistance and if so who do you get it with? My car is getting up there in miles and years and I was thinking I should get some. I know there are others out there besides AAA but was curious on everyone's thought on this was.

I use CAA the Canadian equivalent of the AAA. Since it covers the member and not the vehicle it can be used for any vehicle you may drive or even be a passenger in. I have three vehicles so any vehicle based assistance would be prohibitively expensive.
I used AAA. I was in a parking lot before a concert and my battery died. They actually came, found me, replaced the battery (wouldn't jump), when disconnecting the battery, he was able to keep juice to it so all the codes, etc. stayed. Very impressed. Then, nine months later, in the mist of COVID, I had a senior moment, left my key in my car, battery died again. Couldn't jump it again. Came in and replaced it for free because of the parking lot incident. Knock on wood, haven't had to utilize their tow service. But, been very impressed with them. That being said, also very impressed with Porsche's roadside that comes with their new cars. Again, very fast, very reliable. But, once my cars no longer have factory-included roadside, I will go with AAA until they prove themselves wrong.
I used to add the roadside assistance on my cell phone plan. It used to be $3/month, now it's $5/month and you can turn it on and off any time online.

Now my credit card has free roadside assistance, as do many.
Yeah, i guess I will go with old faithful. Thanks
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