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Celebrating 10 years of PedrosBoard!
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It’s hard to believe, but PedrosBoard is ready to celebrate 10 years of Porsche camaraderie. And it's all because of Pedro's love for Porsches and the people that drive them. We have a lot of regular posters who enjoy sharing stories, experiences and pictures of their cars. And, of course, lots of people have given and received helped with answers to questions about their Porsches. There are also a lot of “lurkers” who visit, but haven’t had a reason to post. Now is your chance! We’d love to hear from all of you.

Saturday, November 21, 2020. Mark your calendars.

Help us throw a BIG virtual Porsche party on November 21st by posting the story of what brought you to the Porsche world and PedrosBoard. As always, we’d love to have you include pictures of your Porsche(s).

If you’re a lurker, this is your big chance to come out of the garage with your story.

Get your story ready and post it on November 21st.

- What Porsche first caught your eye?
- What was your first drive in a Porsche like?
- Have you done any special drives / trips in your Porsche?
- What do you like best about your Porsche?
- How many Porsches have you had?

Bring out the popcorn, pizza and beer and enjoy reading about all the different reasons that we enjoy these fabulous cars. It'll be a terrific way of kicking off a celebration of 10 years of friendship that Pedro started here with PedrosBoard.
thank you Pedro for hosting this community! 10 years...wow.

i ordered my car in sept of 1997 and plan to keep it forever. learned a lot and met many great people through the forums. 150k smiles.

doug d, sacramento

and a younger sister

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"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
Indeed! Pedro has been a fixture like forever. I joined PPBB in 2005, and Pedro was THE expert.
Have met and hang out with some really cool folks from this and the previous PPBB site. Many thanks to Pedro and the staff for keeping this site going.
kinda quiet at this party. do you do the quickstep? winking smiley
kinda quiet at this party. do you do the quickstep? winking smiley

He said....

“Get your story ready and post it on November 21st.”

So you’re a little early posting your story and pics. Not that I mind though. smiling smiley
i’ve collected over 150 pictures from my boxster journey to share. i hope you’re ready for PPBB, WCBF, Babblers, AOS, MfA, and more...and are preparing to share some of your own...

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Short stories, long stories, pictures. Saturday, November 21st will be some party with lots of stories to tell. smileys with beer
Where is your youngest sister picture taken? I see half done in the background. On the road to Hetch Hetchy? Certainly not tunnel view, whose parking lot is at a higher elevation.
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