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Laz - 4 months ago

Laz - 4 months ago
I've got a millennial cousin who thought a black & white movie can't be that good. Then he saw Casablanca and was blown away.
A 30-something woman I know watches TCM all the time, and on her initiative we've seen many classic films in theaters, including Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, Marx brothers, Philadelphia Story, etc.
Re: Fortunately,
frogster - 4 months ago
i saw wizard of oz in a movie theater many, many years ago and it was the first time on the big screen. i had only seen it on standard definition, 640 x 480, television before that. probably hadn't seen it since very early '70s.
i cried. that is an incredible movie considering it was made in 1939.

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Wizard of Oz
Laz - 4 months ago
My dad and my uncle saw its first run in a NYC theater. On the way home, my uncle amused other subway passengers with his Cowardly Lion impressions.
Many years later, I saw him do it, and he was quite good. It helped that he looked a bit like Bert Lahr. (With some Rex Harrison thrown in.)
Re: Alright...
ff42racer - 4 months ago
Come on people. Pedro is going to donate the $2500 even if he doesn't sell the hats. I just bought my 2nd. Let's step up.
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