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Hi, I am new to the board. I have a 2000 Boxster S that I bought new 21 years ago. I am having the following problem:
When I try to start the car some time I have to turn the ignition key several time to start the engine. When I lock the car with the key control, the horn beeps twice. Also the lights on the alarm sensor in the center ks the dash board do blink.
I already changed the following:
1.- Ignition switch
2.- New starter
3.- Clean the drain holes in the back of the car

I think is the central lock unit that is under the seat the one that is failing. How I can check if it needs to be repair? Or can be other issue that is causing this problem?

Hi and welcome to PedrosBoard.
Lets start with the functions of the CLU:
1.- It controls the windows
2.- It controls the convertible top
3.- It controls the Alarm
4.- It controls the Keyless Entry System
5.- It controls the Immobilizer function.
From what you've described, the CLU seems to be operational.
The two beeps when you lock the car means that there's an open circuit in one of the locks. (Doors, hood, trunk and/or oddment compartment lid and/or glove compartment if you have one).
It either fails or it works. It generally is not intermittent, meaning that sometimes it allows the engine to start and not others.
It sounds to me that you have a bad ignition switch whether it was replaced or not (you don't mention when it was replaced).
You could have a faulty cam position sensor as well.

When you say that the car doesn't start, is it the the starter doesn't crank or that it cranks but the engine doesn't catch?

Happy Boxstering,

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Pedro Thank you for your reply.
Answer to your questions:
The ignition switch was replaced 2 weeks ago, because we were thinking that, that was the problem.
The starter does not crank, all the lights on the Dash board turn on just the starter does not make any noise.

Also I forgot to mention that the steering wheel does not lock when I remove the ignition key.

And when I lock the car with the keys remote the red lights of the alarm system in the dash board flash twice and after that do not flash any more.

I am totally confuse.

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