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Where do these people get their info?
Probably on the Internet.

Connor Hoffman, who wrote the article for Car and Driver didn't comprehend the original news release by Porsche, which states:

"The Boxster was a true Porsche. At the same time, its centrally installed flat-six engine, which initially had a displacement of 2.5 litres and an output of 150 kW (204 PS), was engineered to meet stricter emissions standards thanks to water cooling, four-valve technology and variable intake timing.
An increase in power and further model enhancements followed soon after. The first 986 Boxster generation received a 2.7-litre engine in 1999, initially with 162 kW (220 PS) and later with 168 kW (228 PS)".

Complete news release here: [www.porsche.com]

Happy Boxstering,

Pedro Bonilla
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At least that's the way the article reads. Cars with PASM are permanently 0.4 inches lower.

Also, "the concept car pictured below" isn't the concept car.

Righting ain't watt it used tubby.confused smiley

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MY 2000 S, Ocean Blue, Metropol Blue, Savanah Beige.
Bought June 2000 - Sold May 2010
"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
Beautiful car! It is up on the PCNA web site with the configurator.
$108K here in Canada! Another link to Porsche with a video about the history of the car.

Porsche Museum Heritage Talk with Grant Larson and Horst Marchart: Boxster 25 years.
Towards the end in the Q&A, Grant and Horst are asked which Boxster they would choose today and both said they'd pick the original version (986)! Grant also has a soft spot for the 987 Spyder.

$108K here in Canada!

for clarification, that is about $85k US.

MY 2000 S, Ocean Blue, Metropol Blue, Savanah Beige.
Bought June 2000 - Sold May 2010
Congrats to 25 years of the Boxster! I don’t have mine anymore, but remember how fun it was!

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