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remember that day, when you were driving roof down for the first time in the Spring.....

The wind in your hair, the symphony in flat 6 over your shoulder.

And then the wind picks up your spare surgical mask, that was hanging on the shifter - spins it a few times around the cockpit, then hits in your face, then out the back of the car.
i can only recall the wind blowing through my eyebrows...and then the mask gets picked up off the door ledge, does a few laps in the cockpit, and blows out! smiling smiley <<<my actual hair style
Note to self - don't hang mask from gear shifter or door ledge. How about somewhere much better, like from the rear view mirror. winking smiley
Haha...here's hoping mask-free times are in our near future. Actually, my wife and I (who are fully vaccinated) has been discussing continuing on with mask wearing during certain occasions when around large groups or in close quarters (theaters, concerts, planes, etc.). Anyone else remember the last time they had a regular, old cold?

PS: Do not want to turn this into a pro vs. anti mask thread!

Gary 2003 Boxster Base - Midnight Blue Metallic, Savanna Beige, Metropol Blue
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