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I took her in to our local alignment and suspension expert (Johnson's Alignment- Steve Alarcon of IMSA fame) for an assessment. I have been hearing and feeling a lot of thuds (when going over bumps) and rhythmic rattles (on rough roads). My car has 117K miles on it. Control arm bushings, shocks, sway bar bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends and drop links are all still OK. However, the front shocks were missing their limit bumpers and the rear trailing arm bushings were shot. These are the long aluminum arms that go from the control arm to the diagonal brace. A half day of service later, I drove her home. A huge improvement. She feels like a new car again. Steve says the wear in these bushings at this age are typical for our Boxsters. Gone are the violent bump thuds and rough road rattles.
Nice. I've been considering a "refresh" of some sort on my '03 with 160k miles. Not sure whether to go the fully monty route of ROW M030/PSS9 or just replace some existing parts that may have reached the end of their life - like you did. Car is mostly street driven with the occasional AX.


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I had Pss9 on my 02 S. In less you are in for a harsher ride. Don't do it.
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