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and totally worth it! hiway 1 near morrow bay.

legal disclaimer: my passenger took the picture, and my tires were overinflated...(actual speed 54.8)

pedrosboard disclaimer: it’s possible that i greatly slowed down for this picture

legal disclaimer2: it’s also possible that i increased my speed for this picture

pedrosboard disclaimer2: i was definitely wearing my PB X hat
Being able to drive highway 1, no wonder you're SMILIN. smiling smiley

Looks like a sharp interior with the red stitching. Any more pictures of the interior?
it looks A LOT like this smiling smiley

Blue GTS
If you go too far north, just keep an eye out for that little pothole around Big Sur. Enjoy the ride.
smiling smiley i agree...avoid being washed into the ocean! turned around just past san simeon (at the elephant seal look out). road was marked as closed ahead...unsure where exactly. back to pismo beach for the night, then back to sacramento yesterday. lots of driving...lots to see...love this car.
now, that's taking the Boxster way, er, long way home.
Love the picture. I bet it was quite a bit warmer when that was taken. ...warm sunshine, topless along the shore, that's the life.

Thanks. Needed that today. 43 and drizzling here.
Also, I believe the Rock is the same type of geological formation as Gibraltar, a "monolithic promontory." Well, generally, but Gibraltar is sedimentary, and Morro is igneous.

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i have not been, but am interested. can’t find it on maps...please tell me more.

did anyone zoom in on the odometer? 25,000 smiling smiley
I believe these links describe where I was in late 2012 during my inaugural grand tour. I stayed for a few days at a friend's home in San Luis Obispo.



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