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Bright sunny day in Ontario. Temperatures in the mid teens. That's good enough for me to get my 01 Boxster out of winter storage.
As always, it starts first time without a complaint. Very little smoke and soon settles down to a nice burble. After 20 years in never ceases to amaze me that the car starts and runs perfectly after winter storage. Every year its like getting a special spring time present.
Naturally I put the top down, donned my Pedros Board hat and took her out for a spin. Ran flawlessly up and down through the gears. As always I got a wave from somebody. 20 years old and it runs like a top.
On the other hand i should have remembered that I had 50lbs air in the tires!

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Glad to see you enjoying your Boxster on this beautiful day too.

Yes. A terrific day here in Southern Ontario. 3.5 months in storage. Remove the cover, reinstall wiper blades, adjust tire pressure (I remembered smiling smiley ) Disconnect the battery maintainer, open garage door, remove wood blocks, settle into the CURVEN8R's seats, insert key with left hand, twist ...and the Symphony in Flat Six barks to life as if I had just parked the Boxster last night, back out of the garage, do up seatbelts, close garage door, drop the top, exit driveway and enjoy the exhilarating feeling you get when driving the Boxster.

Time to stop for a couple of pictures in Stratford.

Iwas There (Toronto)
Bright sunny day in Ontario. Temperatures in the mid teens.

i take it that's in celcius, right?

MY 2000 S, Ocean Blue, Metropol Blue, Savanah Beige.
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