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Recently I have noticed a small change in engine operating sound that wasn't really very apparent at local street speeds. Today on the highway I wound it up and somewhere over 4000 a new sound came on strong, really loud, not open muffler loud but a power roar.

I've never heard a de-snorked car so I'm guessing here. My car is a 2005S with 70,000 miles. Stock muffler. Car was in for service to replace secondary air pump about 1000 miles ago.


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Doubt it
Boxsterra - 9 months ago
The snorkel clips in pretty strongly. Unless someone messed with it it won't come off. The secondary air pump is on the other side of the car.

You should be able to see the snorkel through the side vent with a flashlight.

That said, I can't explain the noise.
the de-snorked sound is more of an intake sound than an exhaust sound. it's easy to tell where it comes from (driver's side air intake)

the closest thing i can think of is the sound of V8 engine with the air filter removed so you could see the carburetor and somebody stomps on the pedal. it's a heavy intake sound with a huge volume of air.

could you have gotten a hole in your muffler or pipes somewhere?

maybe check your air filter? did the mechanic leave it out or could the paper part have gotten sucked in?

just thinking out loud.

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I still remember when I first heard my 1998 roar at 4K RPM. Brought a huge smile every time. Nothing to add to your item, it just brought back sweet memories of a car long gone.
Fond, sweet memories of youth are always to be enjoyed.

I do remember the first time revving, while trying to merge into traffic so I wasn't eyeballing the tach. It didn't bring a smile but a frown/question mark since the engine cut power after reaching the rev limiter much sooner than I had expected.
Knew about those items from the pre-Pedro's Board (Porsche Pete's Boxster Board). Stumbled on it in early 1998 while doing research before buying a two-seater. Lots of talk of rev limiter (up shift but NOT down shifts) and the 4K roar.
After inspecting my air filter and finding it A OK, I reinstalled the plastic cover taking care to insure that the bottom attachment part was properly latched.
The test drive at high rpm proved that the roar and air flapping noise was gone. Since removing and reinstalling the air filter cover was the only thing I did, I believe that was the source of the unique noise.
thanks for letting us know. i'm always curious to know what the outcome is in cases like this.

MY 2000 S, Ocean Blue, Metropol Blue, Savanah Beige.
Bought June 2000 - Sold May 2010
I am too but that should be obvious!!! It's the way we all learn.
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