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Hello all! New Boxter owner here and was very lucky to find a well-sorted car that was right in my price range. Very happy with the car but today I took my first extended drive and noticed that the trim panel for the drivers side mirror is coming off and the wind reducer between the headrests almost blew away on the highway. Easy fixes or no?
Mirror trim

The panel is held in by a clip on the top and two little blue grommets on the bottom. The clip is a little fiddly and so sometimes people don't clip it right. Other times they break it. Pull the piece up and out and check the back of it to see that the clip on the top is intact and that the two blue grommets are in place. The blue pieces are super cheap to replace if you need to. In the worst case you can replace the trim panel.

Trim panel: 99655565201, list $9.54
Blue clip: 191853615A, list $0.50

Wind diffuser

Similarly, this is held in by 3 plastic clips. They can loosen over time. The best solution is to cut some self-adhesive felt and put it on the underside of the clips to make it snug again. If the clip is broken, you can jury rig it or replace it. Unfortunately part replacement is expensive but you can sometimes find use ones.

Wind deflector: 9865615830001C, list $170

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I placed 2 or 3 black zipties on the black wind diffusers to hold them in place to avoid the situation you describe. For the clear wind blocker, I have used the velcro tape method which has held up for many years.. I put just the fluffy side of the velcro in the "cradles" the clear blocker slide into on the bottom, that removed all of the rattle noises at speed. I never had the clear glass come out unexpectedly though. If one or both of the top inserts are fouled out, you might have to jury rig something or replace. Autoatlanta has schematics for everthing if you need part #'s.


I cannot comment on the window trim issue.

Either way, welcome to the board. You must post some pics so we can ooh and ah. There is a good degree of knowledge here. Some the the FB communities are good too, but you need to use discretion there. A whole lot of bad information mixed in.

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The clips on both of my wind diffuser broke too.
You can glue the diffuser back into place by by adding a few drops of expanding polyurethane glue(Gorilla) around the top edge.
Don't over do it as just a few drops will do. The glue will expand to fill the void and stick to the roll bar. Saved over $300smiling smiley
That works
Boxsterra - 8 months ago
I've also seen people use velcro
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