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I was reading the article on Pelican Parts about jacking up a Boxster. In it, it shows a picture of a reinforced part of the chassis just next to the factory jack point in the front. I have a 987.2 Spyder, can someone please confirm if the red arrow in my photo is the reinforced part of the chassis that I can lift the front to place the jack stand in the factory jack point? The photo is from the driver side, looking at the passenger side front tire.

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That is the spot I use on my 986. It's a bit awkward unless you have a long reach jack, but can be done.
If you're asking about the spot where the red arrow is, that is NOT a lift point.
A lift point is the piece that appears in the upper-center part of your photo, with the hole in the middle.
There are four of those on the car. One each behind the front tires and one each in front of the rears.
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If so, the easiest safe way to do that is to jack up high from the rear jack point
Hi Boxsterra, yes, that is exactly what I'm trying to do. I've been currently doing what you suggested to get jack stands under the fronts but saw the article on Pelican Parts which seemed easier than what I was doing.
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