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Over the past couple years I've noticed a bit of wear occurring on the sides of the top; a horizontal roughing about 5 inches across. I figured using some RaggTopp I already had to "treat" just the abrasions, but initially couldn't find the can. On a whim, I bought ScotchGard, but then found the RaggTopp and used that.
The treated areas reject water beautifully, and to my mind that means water-borne contaminants can't permeate the cloth. So, wanting now to treat the whole roof, is it ok to use the ScotchGard? I'm not concerned with removing overspray, as my application method has been to spray a sponge and daub it on.
Thanks in advance.

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The ScotchGard I have is for Rugs and Carpets, and 3M’s online FAQ says not to use it on fabric. Just gonna get RaggTopp and “repurpose” winking smiley the SG.
You can do your 981 carpeting and RaggTop will do the roof.drinking smiley
Both sides, roughly behind the windows.

How good of a job does the Raggtop do in concealing the wear?
Looks like that is a common wear area of the top. I have them too. I don't think the Raggtop makes a difference to the appearance of the marks. I don't recall the roof looking any different after I applied Raggtop last year. Just that it beads up nicely when it rains. Mainly, it help maintain the material layer and keeps it from fading.
... is to "reinforce" the fibers in that area, help keep dirt (abrasive) out, and possibly create a little lubricity.

A little update: I wound up ordering Griot Fabric Protector this time around.

And an aside: the driver's left side squab and back bolsters are developing cracks that follow along the ventilation perforation pattern. Years of getting into the car in my garage with a workbench in range of the fully open door is the likely culprit.* Since noticing the cracks, I've taken to parking more to the right, and aiming my butt directly onto the squab. I also ordered Griot's leather rejuvenator product as a treatment beyond having used Lexol occasionally.

* Please don't tell me to back in. drinking smiley I used to be good with all that many years ago driving into Manhattan regularly for school and work, but've lost my touch. The Boxster, particularly the present 981 (as opposed to the 986) has tricky rearward sight lines.
I don't like backing into a garage because you're blowing the exhaust fumes into the garage, rather than out the garage door. Specially noticeable on a cold startup.
Re: Backing in
Laz - 1 year ago
Although the regular "fumigation" could discourage mice from taking up residence in the engine compartment!
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