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Hello, this time I would like to share with you my strange experience with my Bxster '97. Clearly, Boxster does not cease to surprise me with his behavior.
A few days ago, after a beautiful and sunny day, I returned home and closed the roof. The windows opened a bit as they should and after the roof closed I wanted to close them .... to my surprise they said "no".
So I tried to open them - no problem! But there is no question of closing!
I opened the roof again - the windows kept closing without any problem.
I started checking the microswitches and each time I tried the operation "close the roof and close the windows"
It would seem that everything is OK with the microswitches but the windows after closing the roof did not want to close.
I decided to check the microswitches more carefully.
First, the one above the windshield. Ok, then the one in the roof rack, OK. The one on the left behind the driver's seat is also OK.
A real mystery ! I started again by disconnecting them from the circuit. I started from behind the driver's seat - disconnected it from the circuit and connected it again. I closed the roof and tried to lift the windows ... and guess what? They worked just right!
One more mystery for me. Perhaps one of you had a similar case and can explain to me what this is about.
one of them is not functioning consistently. Try putting a little piece of tape on the flap that is pushed by the latch. That is often enough to solve it. Common problem.
I seem to recall it was by HelpmeDIY.
He basically took apart the whole thing and demonstrated the where and how of the microswitches. I think he might also have shown how to bypass one or the other.

That said, there are several components that might be malfunctioning.
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