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This just started a few days ago. When I OPEN my door the window drops about 1/2 inch (like it's supposed to) but when i let go of the door handle the window just goes back up, So now the door won't close correctly unless .... keep I keep the door handle (inside or outside) slightly pulled to keep the window from going back up. Then the door closes fine, window goes up/down fine.

BUT!! of course this doesn't happen every time i open the door. I showed this to a friend with more mechanical experience than me and he said that i need a new window regulator. If this is the case then of course the door would need to be disassembled. I believe doing that would be beyond my skill set.

Anyone out there have experience with this kind of issue?
This is likely a problem with the microswitch in the latch, not the regulator itself. When you let go of the handle with the door open, the motor is moving the window back up.

Symptoms of a bad regulator are generally bad action or inaction when action is expected, not the reverse.

The issue could be displacement of the latch microswitch, problem with wiring to the switch, or the switch actually being bad.

You can eliminate everything except the above by jumpering the switch. I don't have the wiring diagram handy for your MY but on the earlier Boxsters, this would be a matter of grounding the relevant pin on the connector in the rear trunk with the door open and verifying that the window drops.

As a quick test, you can fuss with the door latch with the door open and see if the window goes down. If it does, then the problem is mechanical, not electrical.

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I agree it's not the regulator.
The other likely issue could be the door locking mechanism.
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