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Hi folks
I have a 2000 Boxster and just purchased this Porsche Battery Maintainer 958-044-901-71. I used it (successfully) to charge up a dead battery enough to get into the front hood. Since then I replaced the car's battery w/ a new one.

I seldom drive the car and was going to plug in this Porsche Battery Maintainer 958-044-901-71 and use it to maintain the battery.

I left it on for an hr or so and noticed it hadn't yet got to the supposed indicator for "maintaining" and the unit was very hot to the touch. Just wondering if this sounds normal and how safe this is to use in a closed garage. One end is plugged into the cigarette lighter, and the other into a regular electrical outlet (actually to a outlet on an extension cord)(haven't tried directly to an electrical outlet yet). The manual that came w/ it didn't really mention anything about it getting hot.

Actually your "Porsche" maintainer in made by CTEK. I've used mine for the last 14 years on both my Boxster and VW without any issues.
As for the charging, if your battery, if it was very low it's normal that it will take 6+ hours to charge, then it will switch back to "maintain" or green light on; and yes the unit gets warm when charging.
BTW by habit I always plug the Boxster in even if I know i'm got to drive t in a few day.
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