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I am pretty sure the guy was being a bit of a showoff, but as soon as the light changed, that thing was off.
It is friggin' stupid fast. All I head was a whoosh and the guy was several hundred feet in front of me before I was out of first gear. To be fair I was not pushing the Boxster at all, but if I was, it would not matter.

There was a BMW with the guy and they ten proceeded to weave in and out to get through traffic. Only to stop 20 feet ahead of me at the next light. I made the left ahead of them, but this time in traffic. They tried to weave, but had really no where to go.

I was home before they got close to me again, but sheesh.

1 - stinkin' fast.

2- a douchy driver(s).

Another day in CT Porsche/BMW world.
Stoplight Grand Prix. Meh.

Basically gets you nowhere faster (as you found) and puts others in danger.
can see through the SUV's in front of them.

....oh, yes. They're the ones whose brake lights are constantly flashing on the highways and Interstates.eye rolling smiley
the car might brake automatically and its "foot"/"eye" coordination is literally lightning fast.

That said, Tesla cannot defy physics. They are heavy cars and even with great brakes they don't stop as fast as Porsches.
Totally dogging it from stoplights to maximize range.

In a slightly related way, I think people who have those insurance company monitors installed, ostensibly to "save" on premiums, become terrorized into not even reaching the speed limit, let alone going over. Have any of you noticed lately a lot of cars doing 38 in a 40, etc? (This is knowing, in my case that my speedometer is 1, at most 2, mph optimistic.) Oops, better not hit the brakes too hard when that baby carriage rolls into the street: don't want my rates to go up!
I used to regularly drive on the Hutch, the Merritt, and the Wilbur Cross.
During warm months it was BMWs (the ultimate driving machine!) spun around in the medians and shoulders; in winter it'd be Swedish cars and Jeeps.

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Someone I work with has a Taycan. I park near him and it definitely makes my '09 997S look long in the tooth. He traded in his Tesla Model S for it and has no regerts. I've seen him leave the garage and definitely drives it responsibly.

Boxsterra - 4 months ago
No regerts
There is no point in a 21 yr old Boxster. I suspect most Honda's are faster in a drag race.

But the other guy's speed off a dead stop was shocking to say the least.
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