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I searched online, but the closest to an answer was somebody saying, "Put an Ohmmeter on it." The rest of that thread and other fora were unfortunate devolutions into uselessness and name calling.
With one of my units disconnected from the 120V outlet, I put an meter across the disconnected battery clips, and it was an open circuit. Might there be current, however minuscule, when the clips are attached to the battery? (I've not got an Ammeter.)
Perhaps there's different circuitry in various brands and models that would or wouldn't allow a drain, so here're the two units I have:
(Very basic stuff, and a Porsche Charge-O-Mat I had got flakey a couple years ago.)
Diehard Battery Charger & Maintainer 28.71219
Diehard Battery Charger & Maintainer 71219 (Looks identical to the first. Probably just the packaging's shortened part number.)
but i cant say for sure for that device.


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