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I have missed seeing his posts with galactic mileage on the Porsche's.

It seems a long time. But I might just be imagining things.
He moved on from his two Pcars. I think he got a Mini Cooper and a Dodge Challenger as replacements to his Boxster and Turbo.
Paraphrasing his response:

He sold both the Turbo and the Boxster in late 2017 and bought different cars. A 2018 Scat Pack and a 2018 MINI JCW. Then 2 months later, traded in the Scat Pack for a 2018 Hellcat. Then in April 2020, he retired and moved out of CA to NW Arkansas (Benton County). Then sold the MINI.

Kept the Hellcat, but in August 2020, added a 2020 M-B van to his garage. Then last November, traded in the Hellcat for a new 2020 Scat Pack.

He says that he is not opposed to talking about Porsches, but no longer owns a Porsche. The Boxster was a 2002 MY, while the Turbo was a 2003 MY, so his experience is with the older models and he is not sure that he can add anything of any value to the Porsche discussion nowadays.

It would be nice if others would email him and assure him that his comments are welcomed by this community?
It think his accumulated wisdom on our cars is a welcome addition to the discussion.
Even though he no longer owns a P-car, he probably has more accumulated seat time that several of us put together. Further, he had that kind of relationship with his dealer, thet he obtained a lot of useful information.
I suspect there is little to be seen or heard that Marc has not seen or heard.

Further, as the 986, 996 and 987, 997 cars start to age, more folks will be coming here (and other boards) for guidance. Experience matters. I know of few, if any, with greater ownership experience than Marc.
You can do that? I went away for two months to work remotely and was so happy to hop back in my P-Car. Hope he's enjoying the Mini. Haven't they had reliability issues in the past (maybe they've turned the corner). I've known two people who had em and both were happy to finally move on.
I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to do that. I’ll always try to have a Pcar in my garage. The Mini does nothing for me, well, except for this one. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

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