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I recently replace my front headlight assemblies following a lapse in attention (the truck won).

My headlight visibility is still terrible. When I replaced the headlights I asked my favored mechanic "will these help?" and his response, with laughter, was "can't be any worse".

I know that higher wattage halogens (along with standard 55s) will turn the lamp brown.

These bulbs:

are 30 watts and designed to mimic the light throw of a halogen (people have them in their Subaru and claim they don't get flashed (as though they have their high beam on) or pulled over).

Will these fit in the Boxster assembly and would the thought be that they won't burn the plastic?

Nobody has done this or has any thoughts?

No experience, but
grant - 1 month ago
... 30 watts is a lo of power to dissipate in such a small area. I design electronics and even 3W will make a small heatsink supid hot in a closed environment. How much heat does the original dissipate?

I'd ensure that a) this is below the original and b) i watch them and if things seem amiss, remove them.

Have you searched more generally for LED/Halogen replacement? Its not really a porsche specific question.



The halogens in the car are 55 watt - people have had complaints in the past about replacing them with 60 watt versions. 30 is obviously less than 55, but I have no idea about heat dissipation for LEDs.

I have LED bulbs in the Subaru - due to the difficulty of installing bulbs based on the 2014 design, even if they weren't better (they are), longevity would be reason enough.

I just replaced the housings, so I'd hate to burn them. I also find the Boxster (2000 era) has terrible visibility, so any improvement would be a huge gain.

I'm just surprised that nobody has attempted this.

impact the bulb, but not the housing It will give off all 30W to its environment somehow. The question is how hot the device itself gets. So these ought to be safe if all the specs are the same.



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