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First, Hello, and sorry to have been a stranger.
But between work, starting (maybe) another company, Covid (no, not me), track, Autocross, and life, i have not had much in the way of excess time.

That said, i appear to be very close to acquiring a 981 GT4, and so far find technical/repair info on it hard to come by. I still have my track rat (2000 986S) and my original Porsche a 2004 Base which is still a joy due to its light weight and toss ability. It remains my car for Solo competition since its a blast and classes well in SS1.

If anyone can point me to a service manual; GT4 website/forum (like this) or whatever - it would be great. Also from the technically knowledgeable, how different is the GT4 from the other 981 Caymans? Can I assume that aside from displacement, control arms, spring rates and all those myriad mods, the basics of maintenance, belt locations, repair instructions are the same?

I hope all are well.

Bruce if you are out there i still have your car, with a motor I (re-) built 5 years ago. Right now its out again due to a very unusual failure - and its fate is unknown.

Happy boxstering to all,



Always glad to see one of the OG's on the board.

I have no information on your specific question, but I suspect there are PDF manuals out there for the specific car. Otherwise, it would be a variant on the main manual.
But you knew that I suspect.

Good luck on your search.
And you! thanks, i suspect as much and am digging around.

My 2004 runs like a new car still. My 2000 track car blew a freeze plug out at 7k at Summit Point. Out apart but not yet fully tested. Motor (rebuilt by me and the shop) 5 years ago looks like new. So its either fine, or if hydro locked, total junk. Cross fingers.




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howdy. i’d suggest rennlist, which has a 981 technical forum, and a gt4 sub-forum.

for fun, after almost 24 years with my 986, i have a new passenger-in-training. she did great! but i’m keeping the car protected a while longer (getting color matched towel and tape) smiling smiley

Hi to your buddy.
grant - 2 months ago

I lost my Shepherd, Anja years ago, but my buddy's doodle LOVES to ride with her nose above the windshield!

thanks for the rennlist tip. I'll go there, search, read, and then ask a bunch of pointed question.

Already foudn that access to the serpentine belt, with a harness bar anyway, is a total PITA. Air filters seem needlessly complex too.

but its a GT car. All part of the price of admission i suppose.



I think the 981 base/S/GTS/GT4 maintenance is all about the same...and primarily use-driven. (Other than dancing around the harness bar.) I can't answer for sure, so I thought I'd throw in the dog picture grinning smiley
When I got my 981, the dealer gave me the "Service Information 2013 Technik Introduction," a 176 page spiral-bound book. Although intended to inform the sales people, it's chock full of systemic information. Perhaps there's something similar, (or even this one would be a good, informative start,) for the GT4.
Hi Laz, and I'll look into it. It seems Rennlist is the place to begin.


I would try checking out Rennlist as mentioned here already. They have some active Cayman forums, and they may be able to help.
Seems to be a consensus.

And back at ya :-)


I've actually had the beasty for about two weeks. took it on a beautiful PCA rally last Sunday where my nav and I, who won the last Rally outright, managed to miss an early turn within 10 minutes. Still had fun though :-)

Aside from enjoying it, i'm now learning how to access the motor, filters, etc.

This thing is a beast!

Happy Saturday all,



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