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I've been getting a fast clicking sound emanating from the Start Lock Relay in the trunk of my '99 986. This happens when I turn the ignition key from on to off (the engine does not have to have been running). I've replaced the relay with a new one but am still getting that clicking. (when I remove the relay and turn the key from on to off, I don't get the clicking, so yes, I'm sure it's the Start Lock relay)

First question: What exactly does the Start Lock relay do?
Second question: What might be causing this clicking?

I've not noticed any ill effects from this clicking. The car runs great, the steering wheel locks and unlocks as usual, the key turns just fine. I replaced the entire mechanical and electrical parts of the steering lock a while ago so I'm wondering if that may have something to do with this clicking, though, as I said, I haven't noticed any ill effects. A loose wire on the steering lock mechanism perhaps?

Thanks for any insight.

--- Tom
Start Lock Relay
Boxsterra - 2 months ago
The purpose of the start lock relay is to ensure that all of the prerequisites to starting the car (ignition, DME, immobilizer) have been met before activating the starter.

If it's clicking that probably mean that one of the inputs is flaky. I would bet it's the ignition switch.

You can test this by tapping into pin 1 on Connector X1/2 (black) and seeing if the 12v it's supposed to be delivering is intermittent when the clicking is happening. You can instead do the same voltage test on pin 30 of the start lock relay if you prefer.
Thank you, Stefan. I'll give that a try. I suspect you're right. BTW, I think you meant connector X2/1, not X1/2.

--- Tom
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