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I see it on tv and it hurts not to be there. As a younger man I definitely would be. Bet my buddy jg is there. Getting old sucks. I miss the red Georgia clay.
howdy. i hope you’re well, despite having gained a few years. seems to happen to many of us smiling smiley what a privilege!

i attended petit lemans in 2005…a special trip to hang with everyone’s favorite photographer. it was a great trip: great host, beautiful venue, and an amazing event for photography. i’ve got several prints from that event hanging in my garage. hard to believe that it was 16 years ago. and i need to get back there too.

i hope that you’re able to make another trip soon.

doug_d (Cameron Park, CA) <<old time ppbb handle
Hey Rev! I watched it on TV too. Much more comfortable. I no longer live in ATL, so it is a bit more difficult to get to Road Atlanta, plus I would have to impose on someone or get a hotel room. I was texting a buddy who was at the track who said the crowd was much much bigger than in years past. For awhile there, I thought the pace car was going to win the race!
You all should try the real thing some time. I have done it twice. Supper large party.
Hey jg. Good to hear from you. Road Atlanta used to be one of our meet up spots. Years ago and far away.
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