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Products for your Boxster, Cayman and Carrera.
I have a 2000 Base Boxster. No track time and mostly 3 season driving. I presently have Sumitomo HTR ZIII tires on the car - tirerack.com no longer carries these. Can anyone suggest a good, comparable tire? These were $108 apiece the last time I purchased them. For my needs, these tires have been perfectly acceptable.

Appreciate the input.

I also used Sumitomo HTR ZIII. They were ok for the price. I now am running on FIRESTONE FIREHAWK INDY 500 and they are around $149 (225/50R17), $164 (235/50R17). I like them better because they are quieter and are also good value the money.
Its is moderately priced, solid quality (Michelin), winter /snowflake rated (not an AS tho), decent treadwear.

I even have quite a few track days on them as rain tires.

I am not commenting on tires that are awful in terms of wear or wet.

Certainly not RE-71R (which i run year round on my boxster, unless i decide to put on 16" snows) or Pilot Sport Comp (on my GT4) territory; a bit below the Michelin 4S or Super sports (which i have on my Wagon) but very, very good. Then again, don't economize on tires. hey are the single most important performance item you have. The ONLY place it touches the road. Or so we hope.

I don't see them at tire rack.

I have also had very good luck with Vreedestein ( at least their snow tires, which i have many of). not widely distributed, but a local PCA owned shop, Euro-Tire, is a distributor.



... i do know that many mechanics like both Cooper and General; and General is basically Continental USA.

Tire rack had some with attractive prices relatively speaking that you might dig a bit further into.



i’m keeping an eye on recommendations too. i’ve tried many tires over the years and anything other than max performance michelins seemed to be a compromise in one way or another…maybe grip, road noise or flat spots when cold (that would smooth out as i arrived at work)…so i resigned myself to just bite the bullet and get the best. well, driving less than 1000 mi/year on my 986 now (current tires aged out), it doesn’t make much sense to buy michelins. then i saw the michelin pilot sport all season 4…hmmmm. inputs on those anyone? 17” stock sizes
Tow comments
grant - 1 month ago
I had the AS/4 (years ago). Nice quite tire. Yawwwwwwwnnnnn. This was on my Audi s6. unless you drive in snow....

The BFGs i suggested are n fact Michelin's other brand. Are they as nice as the Michelins? Now. But they are better in cold and 70% of the price and have a treadwear of 300


Good steering response, firm ride, mostly quiet, great in the wet.
Got a deal on them through Costco in the spring for $700 mounted and balanced +tax.
I still have them on (I have a winter set of rims set with Blizzaks on them) since I'd like to see how they handle some snow; I saw a test video on Youtube with these tires in the snow and they were amazing. Depending on how they work out in the snow for me, I may sell the extra set of tires/rims.

When the Conti Extreme Sport summer tires are done--they're about 1/2 tread now after nearly 5 years--I'll give these Mich. A/S tires a look, but they are a bit heavier.
I'd like to drive the 981a bit earlier and later in the year without the concern of a Max Perf. tires losing traction in cold temps, but don't want to sacrifice the car's handling when it's sunny and 80 Deg.F
I like them just fine. i am in CT and run the can mostly year round. I avoid snow/salt though and drive my winter beater.
I have these tires on my Base 2012 and they have worked well in Ohio and Florida. When it’s time to replace them I’ll buy the same tires without hesitation.
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