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Does anyone know where I can get good touch up paint? I got some off of eblah and they said it was my year and color but when I put it on, it is not the same color. It is a little darker. I only put a little on so I can cover it up, but does anyone know of a place that has the correct color and not one that is "close".

As a side note, my polisher pad on my buffer came apart so I was looking to get the part and called Craftsman. I told them what I needed and they asked if I wanted a new buffer. I was like huh and they said it is part of the lifetime warrenty and I said hell yes. So I got a new buffer, pretty damn cool. I had completely forgotten that they do that. Too bad they will be out of business soon.

Your Porsche dealer has them. It's a small tube with a brush and it's a perfect match.
I had the same tube at least 5 year and its still works. BTW if you have very small stone chip don't use the brush because it's to large. Use a pointed toothpick with a small drop of paint and dap the spot.
I've had the best results with Dr. ColorChip. Their kits will do an exact match for your car. I had it for my Arctic Silver and now for my GT Silver. I know of a few other people who've also had excellent resutls.
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