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I appears that the overhead light (controlled by a 3 way rocker above the rear view mirror) has burnt out.

Can someone tell me what bulb I need to buy and point me to a set of directions to do the replacement? This is a 2000 base (non-S) Boxster.


Porsche Part Number: 999.631.032.90 (5W incandescent bulb).
Aftermarket Reference: Bulb #2825 (most auto stores)
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Thanks for your reply.

My bigger issue is 'how to get it out'. The videos I've seen appear to show a different layout than I have - but I'm really bad with visual layouts.

Do I pry out the rectangle or do I 'pop off the covers' or do I follow this: [www.youtube.com]

The few messages I've seen say that prying out the rectangle usually results in broken retaining clips.

Is there a good set of directions out there to keep the idiot (me) from causing more damage than value? I can live without the bulb.

BTW - should I get a LED or stick with incandescent?

Thanks so much.

Do directions not exist anywhere?
I can’t find anything online.

Not sure if I pry out left to right or back to front on a 2000.

From the 2000 owners manual for Interior Light replacement:

  1. With a screwdriver, carefully press light out of cutout in the lining (illustration shows rectangular light)
  2. Undo bulb holder (bayonet mount) Remove bulb and replace.
  3. Reassemble in reverse order, Check operation of the light

I'll try to find my manual. Does it indicate which side to push/pry in #1?

The Good: Changed the bulb.
The Bad: Snapped every clip in the assembly
The Not So Bad; $25 w/shipping and tax and I'll stick a new one in there

Might as well call it a disposable part.
Got the new one. Stuffed in my nifty new LED bulb. Stuffed it back into the car.
Boom! White light for the next 20 years when I open the doors

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