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Wow, a CEO who actually understands its industry's underlying technology. Listen for this reference. Gee...... I always imagined a CEO this way. Usually, the CEO is an aggressive politician who..... oops, better get back on topic.

Cool car eh? Not a hybrid.

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Boxsterra - Friday, 26 November, 2010, at 2:53:08 pm
Nice he knows all the talking points
mikefocke, '01S Sanford, NC - Friday, 26 November, 2010, at 3:05:51 pm
But I'm not buying a Leaf.

Today I have to lug a 6 foot package back from the store, stop at the grocery store, return and take 4 people to a fun center 20 miles away. Sounds like the Leaf could do that. But then I pack two bikes and luggage to prepare to take 4 people 40 miles one way tomorrow followed by a 5 mile shopping excursion, then 40 miles back. Could 100 miles do that? Not with any assurance. And the mileage is reduced by the weight carried and even though 2 of the passengers are under 50 pounds, it wouldn't make it. Not to mention the HVAC (defroster-heater-A/C) costs range. Even the lights on costs. Play your radio...costs.

The use of a golf cart has taught me you have to be very aware of the state of the charge, no use today and forget to charge tonight if I use tomorrow. I did that in my CRV and gassed up at the nearest station in 5 minutes, no doing that with an electric.

Noticeable in the 5 mile test drive it was all city. No test of how it runs or passes at 70 and that is what I'd be running around here to keep out of the way of NC's crazy drivers. No test of how the range is after 4 years.

Son has a Prius. It works. Volt sounds like it works. Leaf doesn't for me.
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