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I was wondering, do most people replace things other than the pads when they do their brakes? That is, there's the retainer clip, a rod, and a cotter pin. I'm doing my brakes this week and will replace those this time around, but I didn't do it last time and nothing exploded. Did I just get lucky?
... replace the cotter pin.
I did replace a couple of pad springs just because they looked better. Nothing wrong with the ones removed.
All of the rest of the hardware has endured over 200,000 miles without signs of any trouble.
Every time I remove the hardware I clean and inspect it.
No signs of wear at all.
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rotors every 2-3 sets of pads (we track rats do a lot of brakes)

Clean the retaining pin and lubricate it

At minimum bleed when i do brakes, of coruse change fluid annually (track) or 2 years (normal)

I ditch the sensors and repalced them with shorting plugs. I can see when pads wear better than some damn wire.

Can you tell me what plugs are needed? I zip tied mine out of the way because it is so easy to inspect the brakes through the wheels, I really don't need/want them. I would like to remove them.
.cut the actual sensor off, strip the (1" now) leads, wire tie them, and seal them with shrink wrap/tape/silicone. instant, free, plug-in shorting plugs!

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