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In Nov. 2009, Porsche sold 1,626 cars in North America. In Nov. 2010, that jumped to 2,416.

Cayenne accounted for 997 units
Panamera for 729 units
911 (all varients) 476
Boxster/Cayman 214 (down from 233 in 2009)

Plus, 565 pre-owned sales.
I used to say ....
JM-Stamford,CT - Thursday, 2 December, 2010, at 9:53:45 am
I used to say that I didn't care if Porsche sold toothpaste so long as it enabled them to stay independent and to produce sportscars.

Now it is just sad.
There are more details here: [www.theautochannel.com]

I notice they are no longer showing break down of models as they used to show Boxsters and Caymans separately.
Porsche NA sales since 1997..
MikenOH - Friday, 3 December, 2010, at 9:30:49 am
year Units
1997 13,731 (U.S. 12,986)
1998 18,207 (U.S. 17,239)
1999 21,915 (U.S. 20,889)
2000 23,698 (U.S. 22,412)
2001 24,143 (U.S. 23,047)
2002 22,511 (U.S. 21,320)
2003 30,028 (U.S. 28.417)
2004 33,289 (U.S. 31,473)
2005 33,859 (U.S. 31,933)
2006 36,095 (U.S. 34,227)
2007 * 36,680 (U.S. 34,693)
2008 27,717 (U.S. 26,035)
2009 U.S. 19,696

Looks like we're headed back to the "bad old days", regarding sales #'s.
Re: Porsche NA sales since 1997..
Guenter in Ontario - Friday, 3 December, 2010, at 2:50:38 pm
Actually, the sales figures are pretty encouraging. (At least for Porsche as a whole - with Pepper and Panameras helping a lot).

Porsche is not the only manufacturer taking a sales hit the last couple of tough economic years.

And when you look at the figures for this year, NA sales are 5175 units higher in the first 11 months than they were in 12 months last year.
Re: Porsche NA sales since 1997..
mikefocke, '01S Sanford, NC - Friday, 3 December, 2010, at 3:51:13 pm
In the face of reduced allocations and thus availability to the NA market. Considering the time of year and the spot in the model cycle, I don't see nearly as many distress ads from dealers as I used to or would expect.
Believe me, if they could sell the units here, no doubt PAG would gladly produce and ship the units. Demand just ain't there (here). The "reduced allocation" comment is purely sales talk from dealers trying to close orders or sales of lot rot units. But to concede, there may be a reduced supply vs LY, but when speaking in terms of "allocation" that implies tight demand and 'barely' being able to fill it or only a portion thereof. There are still plenty off distressed dealer ads running so demand is still much lower than supply. Curious as to the days on lot metric TY, vs LY vs. '07... Alas, I'm sure another 5-8 special ed. models per body style will help gin up demand eye rolling smiley

Coincidentally, it makes you wonder how many of the CPO sales (6200TY v 5600LY) are actually 'new' units [presumably] clocked as new unit sales a few months prior... One of my local dealers finally just sold a '10 pepper GTS which they had since day 1. It was now CPO'd w/ all of 72 miles on the clock...

Just sayin' winking smiley
Yes and no...
Burg Boxster - Friday, 3 December, 2010, at 6:36:26 pm
innovation is key and it's good to have top line sales growth. However, we should all be thankful for the pepper and panoramic as they'll certainly help offset the evils of declining sports-car sales (but for how long???). Year over year, the ONLY vehicle in the line-up to hold it's own is the pepper... If you pull out the panoramic #s from the equation (or only include comp sales of Oct/Nov '10 vs Oct/Nov '09) the picture is a bit different...
the last couple of weeks and spotted a large number of Cayenne and Panamera vehicles in the showrooms and on their lots.

An interesting item caught my eye as I was looking over the various window stickers: At the bottom of the window sticker there is some fine print: "This vehicle sold to [ dealer name ]."

I therefore believe that "sales" numbers are the cars sold to the dealers by the factory and based on my observations there is an overstock of Cayennes, Panameras (though I've been told the V6s are flying off the lots and dealers can't enough to satisfy demand), and I saw quite a few 911s and Boxsters as well. Not so many Caymans, though, dammit.


I don't know if they are inflated or not but I know that more than one salesperson at different dealers in Fl have told me that they had killer Novembers. That being said I still got a dealer to knock $9,000 off a Turbo S today.
Maybe they'll buy out VW after all. *NM*
Laz - Friday, 3 December, 2010, at 9:17:05 pm
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