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Hello, i haven't posted since the old PPBB but find myself again needing some advice. Can anyone suggest a good bike rack for carrying two bicycle's for an 01 Boxster? thanks in advance.
Link to his web site:


wow, this is great stuff, thanks a ton for sharing! I was hoping to find something at a better price (can get one for the nissan for $50 bucks) but I guess that's a pipe dream for a Porsche. thanks again.

I now use this contraption:

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I saw one down in Florida this winter but he was heading the other way and wondered how the rack was attached. It looks like a pretty straight forward install. Nice alternative than having to take my suv.
Bruce, might I ask what the cost of just the receiver kit was not the rack which I assume was separate.

I can't believe I still have this crap on hand. You really should go to his website or contact him directly.

From some document I found but honestly I don't understand it. I can't even remember if I only purchased the receivers and frame from him, and then purchased the Yakima stuff from REI (which is what I think I did):

Porsche Boxster (’97-’04) and 911 (’99-’04) Hitch/Bike Carrier/Luggage Carrier/Ski Carrier

Receivers: $175 (req'd for all accessories)
Ball Mount: $175 (req'd only for towing)
Bike/Luggage/Ski Carrier Frame: $125
Tandem Carrier: $275
Bike Carrier Adapters: $75
Luggage Carrier Adapters (Thule 929): $75
I have Will's (Willwood) rack and cargo tray. I've never used the tray, but pre-kids we used the rack every weekend for our two bikes.

Worth noting is that the Willwood rack requires some drilling behind the bumperettes to mount the receivers for the hitch - this isn't the 'clip on' kind that you'd find for $50 for a Nissan.

Installation is straightforward and stealthy when the bikes aren't loaded.

Porsche sells/sold a rack which fit above the roof line - with it attached you couldn't raise/lower the roof. Probably less drag, but a lot more noise for the driver.

I'm terribly UN-handy with tools; Will sold me all the parts I needed (rather than me buying a Thule rack and cutting it up). More money, far less hassle at the time.

Although I didn't have to "cut up" the Yakima racks, they just bolted on no problem. The removal of the bumperetts and then drilling the two holes each was very easy.. really no big deal. You do have to cut a small chunk out of each bumperette so if you decide to remove the receivers, you will have "damaged" the rubber. I figured should it come to that, assuming someone would see the little missing chunks, I could buy new or used bumperettes from a dismantler but don't know what they would cost. In short, Willwood is a great system but not without its costs.

Here is a picture of the back (a little too dark for clarity but...) with the receivers and no bike rack:

Rear of Car with Willwood

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