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My P dealer sent me a notice of a $199 AC checkup special. It says they'll evacuate freon, recharge to correct freon level, check refrigerant pressures, inspect compressor belt, and inspect hoses for leaks.

The deal does not include tax or shop supplies.

I'm in Texas and the summer heat can get pretty brutal. Does this sound like a good deal? Is freon a shop supply?

Thanks in advance.

As long as your AC is working, I'd leave the system alone. If it's not putting o9ut cold air, that's the time to check for leaks and Freon levels.
did the dealer actually call it freon? i was under the impression that freon was banned in 1987.

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I assume all of our cars have the most recent refrigerant. If so, there is really no reason to mess around with the system unless there is an obvious problem.
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Boxsterra - 5 years ago
There is no "compressor belt" per se. There is also no freon. And as others have stated, if it's working there's no need to touch it.
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