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Bob - it is not that it hasn't worked out for me.

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Expect the best, and accept no substitute.
I brought my BMW 328i in for service and to fix random niggles.

One of the things that has driven me nuts is the transmission. Basically, there is a huge hesitation when you step on the gas from a stop. I brought it in once before to have it checked and it still drove me nuts. So on to visit # 2.

The service manager drove the car. He said it is normal and that is how the car is set up. BMW calls it "comfort mode." He noticed my Boxster and said (and I quote): "If you are a Porsche driver, you will never be happy in a BMW. BMW drivers look more for comfort and convenience. Porsche drivers look for the driving experience."

Wow, just wow. Ultimate driving machine my fat fanny.

Yet again, I say - Porsche, there is no substitute.
We have both a Boxster and a BMW 325 (with over 200K on the clock).

The BMW experience is different than the Boxster, obviously, but I find it a very pleasant and driver-centric car to drive. Although its higher center of gravity and other differences mean it does not have the pure sports-car feel, it still feels to me like a performance car, not one with the sort of luxurious ride you get from an American high-end car.

2001 Base, purchased in 2004, replaced engine at 130K+, RIP 2017
fair enough
JMstamford,ct - 5 years ago
I thought it was more than a bit odd that he would denigrate his dealer's car. Then again, maybe they have a Porsche dealer too. But I don't think so. The Porsche dealer is Penske. This isn't.

They fixed a bunch of little (and not so little) things. The gear shift delaminated, the mirror fell off the windshield, the outer mirror covers were improperly seated, there was a problem with the window motor...

In order to fix the mirror which fell off, they need to replace the whole windshield because of something about sensors.

Seems a bit overkill to me - but .....

All under warranty. I would not want this car without a warranty though.
Newer ones not so much. Lamented in all reviews, so its not just me. This is a trend in many cars, including Porsches - as they get "better", they get less involving. Mybe involved means warts, maybe it means feedback, maybe it means both.

Remember its also what you get used to. I find most porsches soft compared to my car(s).


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
There is a hesitation from stop to start of acceleration in the BMW automatics. We noticed it too in the X5 we test drove and didn't like it. Strange cause our Infiniti FX35 has no such lag at the time you step on the go pedal. Wondering if it's something to do with the e-gas programming for the Bimmers. Noticed same thing in the ML350 we drove.. No such lag in the Cayenne.

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What year is your car?

IIRC, in the early years of the E90/92/93 series--2007-2010(?)-- they were using GM 6 speed autos, which were notorious for having hesitation.
One of the reasons we went with a manual tranny on our 08 E90
Just checked the BMW forum. This clearly a known problem.
I understand
TheFarmer - 5 years ago
I think that the dealer was quite right. People go through "phases", and I was very impressed with my Beamer when I got it in 1999, and I am still impressed with the comfort and manners of it now -- when I ride in it (my sister is now the happy owner). My next phase was "less is more" in the comfort department. My dream car is a mini-Moke or a Suzuki Samurai, but my dream includes being on St. Barths, which doesn't happen all that often. Perhaps I should go find a 914, but I am happy enough with the 987.
Sorry the BMW hasn't worked out for you, JM. The 2011 328iX we've had for almost on four years now has been trouble-free in all respects, and delivers fine performance within its power parameters. A very different car from our '08 Boxster S? Of course. but still a quality car. My only niggle is that I prefer a larger sedan for the driving we do; that's not the car's fault, tho.

That said, I've driven the latest version of the 328 and would not be interested in owning one. The turbo 4 is thrashy and the interior lacks the fine look and feel of mine. I also don't care for the revised hoodline.
It is what it is. The purchasing decision was as much about the lack of alternatives as anything else.

Many of the issues I knew about before I bought the car. Frankly, I bought the 2011 because I could not fin ANY newer car that I would tolerate (within reason). It minimally met my needs. (auto trans- wife needs to drive it. It carries me, my wife and the three kids at the same time. It is not totally mind numbing to drive. It costs less than 50K and it is comfortable enough to carry a client if needed.)

That said, there are things you learn only after living with the car for a couple months and doing research. They can be described as niggles I suppose. Many are the result of compromises made to meet one expectation, regulation or another. Taken together, those niggles get VERY irritating.

Re: the newer models - The dealer wanted me to buy a 2014. In fact they gave me a loaner for a week. If anything, that confirmed my desire to get the 2011.

All of the above said, every day I am forced to drive the BMW I am reminded that I have a Boxster in the garage. I realize that there is a better, more enjoyable and generally wonderful car just waiting to be driven. I do not take the Porsche for granted any more. I know what I am missing when I cannot drive it. I accept that BMW and Porsche can be seen as apples and oranges. That is my point. One can prefer one over the other. One can accept them each for what they are. Clearly, I choose the former.

Lastly, I also appreciate that 99% (or more) of the world wishes it had this problem. Hmm, which to drive? The BMW or the Porsche? I bet many would say: "cry me a friggin' river." I feel incredibly blessed to have these choices. I just lament that the BMW could be SO much better than it is. I lament that so many choices they made were not good ones and there is no way to opt out of those choices.

Also, I reject the notion that it is the ultimate driving machine. It manifestly is not. It might be the best driving machine in the prosaic company workhorse vehicle category. Or it might be the best of the poseur-mobiles. But neither is the same thing.

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People ask me what I think about the car and my first reaction is to say it is competent--and by that I mean it does a lot right--good brakes, adequate power, fuel mileage, body structure, handling and ergonomics.
I see this car mainly as a high speed touring car--great on interstates because it can cruise effortlessly at 75-80mph, delivering good gas mileage (32mpg+ with the 328i) while making it a comfortable drive.

To me that is worth something--the question is how much. Would we buy a new one? Probably not--the 3 series sedan seems to be evolving to more of a sports luxury sedan with an emphasis on luxury.

Another downside is that replacement parts are at least as expensive as Porsche--consumables--while not making the car terribly friendly for the owners to his own work;my owners manual doesn't even have the wheel torque setting in it nor direction about how to remove the airfilter. We've been very fortunate in the our nearly 7 year ownership of no major repairs or fixes, just normal maintenance, but our extended warranty is just about up and going bare with a car like with miles on it can be expensive.

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one has to drive a Porsche to comprehend it. Kind of like the Grand Canyon: you have to be there. There Is No Substitute.
Tis is a known problem with the 2 L 4 cyl turbo engined cars.
My 2014 BMW X1 does not have hesitation, but many others do.
Some on the forums have had their CPU/transmision reflashed and others have had aftermarket software done to eliminate the hesitation.
Even without hesitation, the BMW is not in the same zip code as the Boxster, but is very useful, especially in snow.

Bill S
2011 Boxster S
2014 BMW X1 Xdrive
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