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There are lots of internet discussions on how to pronounce the name. Here's a Porsche video, where near the end, the voiceover says, "... Porsche Macan..." I take this to be the definitive way to say it (and "Porsche" for that matter.) Although it's derived from the Indonesian word for "tiger," it's not quite the same thing, and probably not the standardized way of spelling Indonesian "tiger" in English.
However, here's a link to the Wiki page on the vehicle, with its own take on pronunciation.
And particularly the pronunciation guide for the consonant combination.
Lastly, the announcer says, "Porsche" just about right in my book: no overly emphasized "e."

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That is the proper pronunciation as told to us at the PSDS in Birmingham by the official Porsche folks. I was pronouncing it incorrectly before that.
Can't speak for Macan, bu.nk that's the correct pronunciation.

As for Porsche, yes tnat's the correct pronunciation (at least in German). In German there are no silent letters.
Adding the extra "-e" sound to the end of "Porsche" doesn't mean you're being true to the German pronunciation, which uses entirely different phonemes for the "or" part of the word.

Unless the rest of the words in your sentence are also German, "Porsche" should be anglicized. And in English, the trailing "e" is silent.
Gut pointe,
Laz - 7 years ago
but why isn't the "t" in "Chevrolet" pronounced?
I just drove the Macan Turbo....and I can attest - no, it's no sports car, but it sure as hell was a fun jaunt!
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