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What are you trying to protect from?

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I want to get a cover for my 986 so that I don't have to deal with leakage anymore -- any advice would be appreciated.

2001 Base, purchased in 2004, replaced engine at 130K+, RIP 2017
I had a Noah fabric cover that protected from rain, 10" of snow, 1" of ice, bird droppings and chestnuts. Good as new after 5 years of winter use. California car covers IIRC. [www.calcarcover.com]
Re: Cover for 986?
MarcW - 3 years ago
Shortly after buying my Boxster in 2002 I bought a Porsche outside cover for it. A bit pricey but well made. I used it in the mid-west sun, rain and snow when I had to park the car outside. It held up well. Never use it now but I'm not willing to part with it.
While the exterior covers say they are waterproof, and I've had them all (Porsche, CoverCraft, etc), water will get in.
They are great for keeping bird crap off the car, make it easier to get the snow off, and protect the finish from the sun... however, don't expect them to keep the car bone dry during a rain storm.

Some Boxster cover posts.
grant - 3 years ago
that's not right.

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
I'm just looking for something to keep the rain out having just gone through a painful repair process because of a shorted out control unit. My next car will be a coupe.
If you have a leak you should track it down.

A car cover may be nice, but it should not be required to keep the inside dry, as you suggest.

My 16 year old car is dry as a bone. As is my 12 year old one.


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Grant makes a good point. Without knowing the source of how the water got into the cabin the problem could happen again the next time you wash the car.

A common source of water in the cabin is backed up body water drains. There are some in the front on either side -- and maybe under -- the battery box. There are two in the back one under each clamshell arm.

Another source can be -- as I recently learned though fortunately I caugh this in time so no damage was done -- leaking door membranes. Both doors were damp along their bottoms and a membrane reseal on the passenger side and a new membrane and proper sealing on the driver side has both door bottoms dry as Death Valley in July.
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