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ah, I see that price doesn't include the bracket that it is pressed into...

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Car is a 1999 Boxster.

Last I heard it was the 2008 Cayman S core pressed in to the existing mount frame.

Source: [pedrosboard.com]
I had my motor mount replaced 8 yrs ago at the dealer, and they installed the 987 motor mount. It's held up nicely, so I have no complaints. I sent my old core to Pedro. The rubber part was all cracked.
The dealer charged me $317 for that part back in 09. I think I was ripped off cause I see it's like only $200 now online.
$28.64 at AutoHausAz cool smiley
part not found
superceded (-05) also part not found

at AZ

-05 part about $190 at pelican.

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
I ordered 2 yesterday.

Which my overpriced unit from the dealer came with.
They replace it for profit, not necessity.
Fair enough
Boxsterra - 1 year ago
You wanted to keep it as a DIY job. Totally understandable.
smileys with beer

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Seems a good balance of durability and damping.

Check with Pedro.

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
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